I bought two scooters from Avantis Power Sports in December. My daughter and I love to buzz around on them. Great father/daughter time, a fun way to get around town, and a tank of gas seems to last forever.

Avantis Power Sports is there to help with parts, accessories, and information if we ever need them. They gave us a complete walk through of the machine and explained everything to us before we left. They also gave us the time to ask questions so we would feel comfortable with how to keep our scooter correctly maintained.

Nawarat Somprason

I fill the gas in my scooter & it lasts a long time. The service is awesome. I can’t wait for summer..

Lexi Hughes

I would like to thank Avantis Power Sports of Colorado for taking care of my scooter’s needs. After bringing my scooter to the shop I will never bring it elsewhere for repair or oil changes! The service is wonderful and friendly, I am so happy I found Avantis because they are GREAT!

Jamie Zamora

I purchased a Mini Cruzzer 50cc trike in April and have loved riding it ever since! I commute From Wellington to Johnstown and have had little to complain about. The gas mileage is incredible for this chunky little scooter and it hold up incredibly well in the wind we get around here. Jeremy has always been a pleasure to talk to and has given me good answers to all the questions I ask, and I ask ALOT! This machine has been well worth every cent I spent and I hope that I see more on the road soon