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    1. admin Post author


      I know this message is extremely old. For some reason we have had issues with our contact link sending these messages through correctly.

      To answer your question…. with a 49cc scooter, you do NOT need license plates or motorcycle license. However, a regular driver’s license is required.

      If you need transportation that doesn’t require a driver’s license, please take a look at our E-Bikes.

      These new Bintelli E-Bikes are very nice and are a great way to get around town without the need of a driver’s license. There are a few different models/styles.

      If there’s anything we can do to be of assistance, please call us directly at (970) 703-3861 or email us directly at

      Again, I apologize that we did not receive this email until today.

      Have a good day!

      Jeremy Gayde
      Avantis Power Sports of CO
      (970) 703-3861


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