Hank T.

I want to thank you again for the professional attention and concerns you gave to our daughter, Alex’s, “Craig’s List” scooter problems.  Linda and I were very appreciative of the many calls and honest advice you gave us on fixing this scooter so that Alex could not only enjoy it, but was safe while she rode it.

We realize that dealing with anxious parents 1200 miles away was a challenge, however, your efforts were a reflection of integrity and professionalism on your part and is seldom seen today.

Being first time owners of a scooter, that our college daughter was driving, may have been tempting to some companies to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their profits.

However, your advice was sound and the resulting professional repairs made us feel that she was in “good hands” with you.  Thanks!

As far as “Craig’s List Deals”  I would strongly encourage people to think twice about spending money on a scooter (or anything else) that they have no idea the true history of before they put themselves or their children on the streets.

Four words sum it up; DO NOT DO IT!

Hank T.