Hank T.

I want to thank you again for the professional attention and concerns you gave to our daughter, Alex’s, “Craig’s List” scooter problems.  Linda and I were very appreciative of the many calls and honest advice you gave us on fixing this scooter so that Alex could not only enjoy it, but was safe while she rode it.

We realize that dealing with anxious parents 1200 miles away was a challenge, however, your efforts were a reflection of integrity and professionalism on your part and is seldom seen today.

Being first time owners of a scooter, that our college daughter was driving, may have been tempting to some companies to take advantage of the opportunity to increase their profits.

However, your advice was sound and the resulting professional repairs made us feel that she was in “good hands” with you.  Thanks!

As far as “Craig’s List Deals”  I would strongly encourage people to think twice about spending money on a scooter (or anything else) that they have no idea the true history of before they put themselves or their children on the streets.

Four words sum it up; DO NOT DO IT!

Christina and Charles

We purchased our scooter online from an out of state vendor and from the beginning it was a nightmare! Jeremy with Avantis was friendly knowledgeable and went out of his way to fix my husband’s scooter. We were so impressed with his honesty and customer service we plan on going back to purchase a scooter for me 🙂 Don’t buy online, local is always better, we learned the hard way. Thank you again Jeremy for everything!! 🙂

The Garretts

Our son saved up his money to buy an ATV. We did a lot of research before we called and talked with Jeremy at Avantis Power Sports. He took time to answer all our questions and concerns and explained how buying from him locally could benefit us. He was right.  He was there every step of the way to help our son and treated him like any respected adult. He explained everything to him before we left with the 4-Wheeler about what kind of maintenance it would need to keep it correctly maintainded for years of funness.. Thanks for Everything Jeremy! and God Bless you and your local buisness.

Amanda Gossman

I’m loving my scooter! I named it Julianna 🙂 GREAT customer service at Avantis. It’s a hard industry to trust people in, and I know I can always get answers to my (silly) questions. I’m a new scooter activist for my friends and other people! Great gas mileage, fun, cheap, and accountable.


I must say, I was beyond impressed with the service, friendliness, and overall experience I had from the moment I first spoke with Jeremy on the phone. He was more than happy to help me fix my scooter. Jeremy went above and beyond helping me keep my craigslist scooter on the road until I had the money for the ruckus style scooter. I am so thankful that there are still people like Jeremy and his wife left in the world with such remarkable business ethic surpassed only by talent. You guys will definitely have my business for life. Kudos! Can’t wait to get my daughters’ first scoot from you!

Arla Squires

I bought my scooter from Avantis Power Sports of Colorado at New West Fest, a year ago and absolutely LOVE it! I ride all over town on it, feel totally safe and the amount of money saved on gas is fantastic! Everyone should own at least one! (I’m aiming at getting one for my daughter and grand daughter too who both have great fun riding it) The “service” you get with Jeremy is the BEST! He always has time for you and I highly recommend both him and his scooters!

Peggy Quinn

I am so happy I won my beautiful red scooter! I have always wanted one one! I’m still getting used to it but it is very easy and so much fun! Avantis Power Sports was so nice and so knowledgeable about all things scooter. I’ll be using my scooter to go back and forth from southwest Fort Collins to downtown. My gasoline bill will next to nothing! Woohoo! Thanks so much Avantis Scooters!

Jessica Moranty

Just wanted to let you know that I’m loving my scooter!  I’ve put about 50 miles on it and the gas gauge hasn’t even moved.


I’m loving my scooter.  It gets me everywhere I need to go.  I also love the service I get everytime I call.

Colleen B.

I bought a scooter in August and love it! Jeremy was so easy to work with and helpful in every way. He was patient and answered every question I had. I love my scooter and ride it to work and the grocery store. I am still on my same tank of gas and haven’t refilled yet! It is easy to ride but most of all, it is a lot of fun to ride! Thank you Avantis Sports for all of your help! I will recommend you and your scooters to anyone who asks!